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Take a 360º walk around Centre Esplai and discover its sights without even leaving your home. If you have VR glasses, put them on for a total immersion experience.

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Eco hostel

Did you know that Centre Esplai has BIOSPHERE sustainable tourism certification? We save water, recycle, produce green energy, use local foods, educate others about sustainability, etc.

Natural and comfortable oasis

We have everything you need for an ecological, accessible, easy and unforgettable stay in Barcelona. Centre Esplai is perfect for families, school groups, sports clubs, conferences and anyone who wants to take care of the environment. Sound just like you, right?

Next to Barcelona El Prat Airport
How to get there by public transport

These groups have stayed with us

The Spanish Suzuki Method Federation held our annual teaching meeting at Centre Esplai. The proximity to the airport really made our logistics easier, and the comfort and versatility of the spaces really suited the meetings. The family playroom was a hit that helped us with family balance.

Julia Pérez

Our organization, CAPS – Home to Home, has been using the Centre Esplai Hostel for 4 years. This is the best spot to carry out our sessions due to its proximity to the airport, spacious rooms, restaurant, parking, auditorium, etc. An unbeatable space for formal sessions and workshops, or carry out a session in the garden.

Raquel García

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We are Fundesplai!

We are a non-profit organisation that has been working on behalf of education and happiness for children, equality, social inclusion, protecting the environment and developing the tertiary sector for over 45 years.

The Centre Esplai Hostel works with us on our educative, social and environmental tasks.