ECO Hostel

Centre Esplai Hostel has joined the BIOSPHERE Sustainable Tourism Commitment as well as EMAS environmental improvement certification. It is a sustainable building thanks to architect Carlos Ferrater‘s design and construction: efficient layout, insulation, water re-use, energy saving, solar energy production and much more. Would you like to read our responsible tourism policy? Even the restaurant menu has been designed with sustainability in mind! If you like to live an ecological lifestyle and want your stay in Barcelona meet those standards, this is your hostel!

Insulated buildings

Double-flush tanks

Guided eco-tours

LED lighting

Sustainable gardening

Bike rental

Photovoltaic solar energy

Water re-use


Solar thermal energy

Salt electrolysis pool

Electric car charger

Efficient facilities

Regulators on faucets


Solar tube lighting

Eloquence and automation

Sustainable restaurant

Emission simulator

Would you like the see the emissions produced from your stay at Centre Esplai? Did you know that Centre Esplai consumes less than 50% of the average consumption of similar buildings? With the emission simulator you will be able to see which of your actions produce a greater ecological footprint, and also how the building’s environmental characteristics encourage emission reduction. Here we go!

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We are Fundesplai

We are a non-profit organisation that has been working on behalf of education and happiness for children, equality, social inclusion, protecting the environment and developing the tertiary sector for over 45 years.

The Centre Esplai Hostel works with us on our educative, social and environmental tasks.

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