Our family playroom, El Niu, is a space created so that families have the opportunity to play with their children during their stay at the hostel. The space has been designed to offer a quiet and cozy atmosphere for family play times. Thank you for respecting the rules of the family playroom. Let’s play!

Age: 0-6 years

Respect the area and the toys

Children must always be accompanied by an adult

Clean up when you're finished

Shoe-free zone

Respect others


Free entry for hostel guests

Every day from 8am to 8pm, except during reserved times

Ask for the key at reception

El Niu reserved times

  • Tuesday: 5pm–7pm
  • Thursday: 10am–12pm/5pm–7pm
  • Friday: 5pm–7pm

Times reserved for EL NIU Fundesplai energized activity


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We are Fundesplai

We are a non-profit organisation that has been working on behalf of education and happiness for children, equality, social inclusion, protecting the environment and developing the tertiary sector for over 45 years.

The Centre Esplai Hostel works with us on our educative, social and environmental tasks.

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