The CRAM Foundation (Conservation and Recovery of Marine Animals) is a private non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the marine environment and the species that live in it. They work rescuing marine fauna, researching and conserving marine species and ecosystems. This organization has a recovery center and a team prepared for the assistance of marine species located on the beach of El Prat de Llobregat, very close to the Centre Esplai Hostel!

The CRAM site has a total of 18,000 square meters in which you can find a recovery clinic, an administration, staff and education building, a postmortem study space and several swimming pools intended for the treatment of the species that arrive at the center to reintroduce them back to the sea in the shortest possible time. The CRAM has been active for 25 years, during which they have rescued more than 700 turtles, cared for more than 350 dolphins, carried out more than 50 scientific projects and had more than 1,500 volunteers. Incredible numbers, right?

Well, if you want to see this space where the Foundation has created these projects with such success, don’t hesitate! The CRAM offers guided tours and a series of activities for families that are very, very interesting. You will be able to see everything from how marine species are researched to huge turtles being recovered by the volunteers who are part of these facilities.

In the following video you can see what CRAM family guided tours are like!

Guided visits to the CRAM

The guided tours of the CRAM are always accompanied by an educator who will explain and describe each function of the different spaces of the Foundation’s facilities.

On the one hand, you will visit the Education area, where the educator will convey to you the problems that affect the marine environment and the species that live in it, always with an optimistic message, in favor of biodiversity and very hopeful! On the other hand, you will follow a tour with the educator throughout the building and he will show you the equipment dedicated to the marine species clinic. You will also learn about the patients they have and how they are recovering so they can be released into their natural environment as soon as possible!

How to get to the CRAM Foundation?

Public transport: To get to the CRAM by public transport, you must first take the Renfe Rodalies R2 line to the El Prat de Llobregat stop. Once you’re there, you can take the PR3 bus line that will take you to the beach in that same city, where you’ll find the venue in question.

Car: If you prefer to visit the CRAM in your own vehicle, you will see that the path is very simple. It is important to know that when you come on the C-31 motorway, take the Carretera de la Bunyola d’El Prat de Llobregat. Once you are on this road you will see that at all times there will be signs indicating the CRAM. When you arrive remember that you will have to park in the beach parking spaces.

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