The trend of Escape Rooms is obvious, and you only have to look around to see that there are many types. It is an activity for families with children and young people or for groups of friends in which they have to pass several tests in order to be able to leave. Surely you’ve already heard about the two Escape Rooms we have at the Menja, Actua, Impacta exhibition, right? In this entry we will explain the benefits of playing an Escape Room with your family or friends and what is the difference between the two that you will find in the exhibition:

  • the Escape Food 2050, for families with children from 11 years old or groups from 15 years old.
  • the Escape Food Junior, for families or groups of children over 8 years old.

The Escape Food 2050

Families with over 11 years old or groups from 15 years old

For families and
small groups

From 2 to 6 players

60 minute

+ 11 years old (with adults)
+15 years old (without adults)

Agility is required

Català, castellano, english

Escape Food 2050 is a sci-fi Escape Room. You and your family will start by shopping in a supermarket, but you will have to escape! You’ll have to fill your cart and check out…this purchase will take you far and see the impact it has on the environment and your health. Are you ready to pay the price of your purchase in 2050? Yes, yes… and the future has no returns! Enjoy the first room that combines sustainable food and Escape Room, created by the Cronologic team.

The Escape Food JUNIOR

Families or groups of children older than 8 years

For families and schools

From 3 to 25 players

60 minute long

From 8 to 12 years old


Until 4 teams at
the same time

Català, castellano, english

Escape Food Junior presents us with a science fiction situation in which the participants must prevent a climate and food catastrophe from taking place. They will have to overcome challenges working as a team where they will learn to avoid waste and to consume in a responsible way. It will be an adventure that will help them become aware of the situation of ecosystems, especially marine ones, and to eat sustainably and locally.

How do we get to the Escape Food 2050 and the Escape Food Junior?

Escape Food 2050 and Escape Food Junior are located in our facilities, in the Centre Esplai building in El Prat de Llobregat. You can come by public transport (metro L9, Parc Nou stop), bicycle or private vehicle, it’s very easy to get there!

Carrer del Riu Anoia 42-54, 08820 El Prat de Llobregat

617 682 924 / 935511766

The Escape Room as a game and an educational tool

Escape Rooms are a playful and fully immersive activity in which problem-solving skills are worked on, through creative, systemic thinking and above all in collaboration with the other participants. These new escape rooms are part of the theme of the MENJA, ACTUA, IMPACTA exhibition. A critical exhibition in which the current situation of the agri-food system is considered, with its consequences for the beings that inhabit it as well as for planetary health. This type of activity, therefore, becomes a very powerful tool in order to develop various opportunities at an educational-family level.

Our Escape Rooms are therefore very powerful educational tools because they allow:

  • Enjoy the game with family or friends.
  • An immersive experience.
  • Develop conflict resolution skills.
  • Develop creative thinking.
  • Develop systems thinking.
  • Work collaboratively as a team.
  • Be aware of the urgency.
  • Acquire new knowledge about the subject.

You can see that there are many reasons to participate in this type of activity with your children and all the benefits you can derive from it.

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