We really hope you enjoyed discovering the secret El Prat de Llobregat Aircraft Viewpoint. In today’s post, we’ll introduce you a new location that is just a few meters from the striking viewpoint we previously told you about, here in the Llobregat Delta: La Casa del Semáforo.

This is a building located at the mouth of the Llobregat Delta, in the middle of El Prat Beach. It’s the perfect motivation to leave home and do a small excursion in a responsible way, always respecting Covid-19 measures. Let’s go enjoy nature!

Want to find out more about Casa del Semáforo?

Casa del Semáforo

Casa del Semáforo is a building that was constructed in 1887. The purpose of this building was to regulate coastal maritime traffic because, as you can see, it is located in front of El Prat de Llobregat beach, the closest beach to Barcelona. The lookouts residing in the building had the task of communicating with Montjuïc Castle using flags to give warnings about various events or shipwrecks. Additionally, the house was equipped with signal lights with optical telegraphs that also used a code to communicate with boats sailing along the coast.

In addition to the wonderful history of this ancient spot, you can also enjoy views and tranquility that are almost indescribable! It’s a true pleasure to be enchanted by the extensive Mediterranean Sea and the Llobregat Delta. It’s a unique space with a location that will allow you to have an exceptional experience.

How to get there

By car or motorbike

Fortunately for anyone who prefers to make their way by car or motorbike, getting to Casa del Semáforo is no problem at all. Once you arrive at El Prat de Llobregat by either the C-31 or C-32 motorway, you can follow the signs to El Prat Beach. Farther ahead the signs will say, “Espacios Naturales del Delta” (Natural Spaces of the Delta). If you continue on this road, you’ll come to the famous Aircraft Viewpoint. From here you’ll have to take the Carretera de Bunyola road until you reach your destination.

By public transport

  • Train

If you choose to get to Casa del Semáforo by train, you’ll have to take the Cercanías R2 Sur line. This line is available from the Barcelona city center as well as other points in the metropolitan area such as Gavá, Viladecans or Castelldefels. The stop where you’ll have to get off is called “El Prat de Llobregat.” Once you’ve left the station, you’ll have to walk along Carretera de Bunyola road for approximately 1 hour until reach the end of it.

  • Metro

If you have the opportunity to take the metro, keep in mind that the line that will take you closest to Casa del Semáforo is the L9Sur line. You’ll have to take it towards the airport and get off at “Parc Nou” in El Prat de Llobregat. From there you’ll have to walk approximately 1 hour down Carretera de Bunyola road to reach your destination.

  • Bus

If you prefer to come by bus, you can either take TMB bus network line 65 or line 165 from Barcelona. In this case you’ll have to get off at the Remolar stop, from which you can walk to the destination in approximately 45 minutes.

By bicycle

If you want to venture on a bike tour, you’ll find it very, very easy! Once you arrive at the Natural Spaces of Llobregat Delta, either from El Prat de Llobregat or by train, metro or bus, you’ll have to go all the way down the sandy road that follows the river to its mouth. This truly is a beautiful path for a bike ride! Once you get to the beach, you’ll have to turn right to reach Casa del Semáforo.

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