Menja, Actua, Impacta is the new exhibition by Fundesplai and Demà that opened on November 20. It is an immersive, innovative and provocative experience that proposes a local and global journey through the food system. It is an exhibition that encourages us to mobilize and commit ourselves to improve food options as a lever for change for a more sustainable, fair and healthy tomorrow, since we live in a climate, social and health emergency that requires this type of change!

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Menja, Actua, Impacta

Do you want to visit the exhibition?

Visiting the Menja, Actua, Impacta exhibition is very easy! Whether you are staying or not at the Centre Esplai Hostel with your family, you can visit the exhibition in so many different ways. There are three types of tickets that may be ideal for you: the General Visit, the Commented Visit (available in Catalan, Spanish and English) and the Commented Family Visit (available in Catalan and Spanish).

The difference that you’ll find between the General Visit and the Commented Visits (family or not) is that with the last ones you will have the opportunity to have a monitor or cultural mediator who will explain the contents of the exhibition according to your interests. Brilliant! Let’s mobilize your family and enjoy a spectacular day of learning!

General Visit
Commented Visit
Commented Family Visit

The exhibition also offers other types of tickets. If you come with your family and want to do an experience pack, you can also opt for the following tickets with which you can visit the Delta del Llobregat’s natural spaces and eat at a KM0 restaurant or visit the CRAM – where they take care of marine animals – and eating at a KM0 restaurant, too. We’re looking forward to do these activities!

Experience pack Delta's natural spaces + Eating in a KM0 restaurant
Experience pack visiting CRAM + Eating in a KM0 restaurant

How to get to the exhibition?

At the Menja, Actua, Impacta exhibition, you can choose to come by private transport. We have parking for electric cars and a space where you can leave your bike. If you take your own car, we encourage you to fill it up to minimize the environmental footprint.

On the other hand, if you prefer to come by public transport, you have many options, since both the metro (L5 and L9Sur), the train (R2Sur) and the bus (PR1, PR2, PR3, 65, 165 Pratexpress) reach the exhibition grounds.


This is where your journey begins .Discover the great impact that the food system has on the health of people and the planet. Discover this and so much more in this great exhibition Menja, Actua, Impacta. We are confident that you will love it!

For a healthier, fairer and more sustainable tomorrow.

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