Not long ago on this blog we talked about the practice of Birdwatching. Do you remember what that is? Well, it has to do with the practice of observing and studying birds in a specific location.

As you already know, our favorite place for birdwatching is right next to Centre Esplai Hostel, and that place is the Llobregat Delta! It’s a delta located in the Baix Llobregat region and it includes the municipalities of Prat de Llobregat, Viladecans, Gava and Castelldefels. The delta is Catalonia’s third most important wetland, so as expected, its natural spaces are part of the Natura 2000 network and it is also a Special Protection Area (SPA) for birds. One of the Llobregat Delta’s most important characteristics is that it’s a strategic stop for birds migrating between Europe and Africa.

And now that winter is coming… would you like to know which birds will stay during this season to rest in the marshlands, lakes and beaches?

Which birds spend the winter in the Llobregat Delta?

Out of more than 300 species of birds that pass through the Llobregat Delta throughout the year, today we would like to point out a few that you will often see if you visit the Delta during the winter. These species find their main food source here, and the terrain and climate conditions allow them to rest worry-free.

Northern Lapwing

This is a wading bird that spends the winter in Catalonia. As you can see, it has a medium build and is known for the long black plume that sticks up from its head.


This is a bird that stands out, particularly due to its coloring. Its turquoise and orangy-red colors make it incredibly eye-catching and striking. It is also quite small and has an extremely long, pointed beak.


These can be found around Catalonia’s wetlands and coastal regions. It’s a large black bird with characteristic white patches under its beak and on the sides of its face.


This is a species of duck, and its name comes from its beak which widens at the end, resembling a shovel. The male has a brilliant green head, a white chest and a chestnut-colored abdomen. The female is brown with blue markings on the wings.

Besides these four key species that you’ll find in the Llobregat Delta,there are many others that can be seen in the wintertime such as the Eurasian Teal, the Chiffchaff and the Common Reed Bunting. And if you watch a bit more patiently, you’ll be sure to see the Moustached Warbler and the Grey Wagtail as well!

The Llobregat Delta has many natural areas that you can access, as well as itineraries you can follow. This way you’ll be able to see many other types of birds that inhabit the area!

If you’ve never visited the Llobregat Delta before, we’ve suggested an itinerary here that you can follow. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll be sure to come back!

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