Although it may not seem like it, coming to Barcelona for a weekend can be very profitable. Barcelona and its entire metropolitan area offer a large number of super-interesting services and activities for families with sons and daughters!

Do you want to visit museums suitable for the little ones or the little ones? Would you prefer to visit one of the famous monuments of Antoni Gaudí? Or maybe make an Escape Room? We capture all these ideas in this post so that the organization of your trip to the Catalan capital is much easier. In addition, we remind you that you can choose to make your family stay at the Centre Esplai Hostel, an ecological and sustainable hostel where we will help you create a unique experience for your weekend!

  • What activities can you do in a weekend?

  • Example of a family weekend in Barcelona

Next, we leave you a planning of what a weekend would be like with the activities that we have previously proposed. You can use this planning as a model to create your own! You can also consult the complete guide to public transport in Barcelona to help you.




  • Lets go to visit the CRAM.


  • Visiting Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudí.



  • ¡Let’s go to the plane viewpoint!


  • Visiting CosmoCaixa Museum of Barcelona.
  • Let’s see the sunset on the Tibidabo’s mountain.



  • Visiting MENJA, ACTUA, IMPACTA exhibition.
  • Playing Escape Food Junior of MENJA, ACTUA, IMPACTA.


  • Let’s go to Casa Batlló and La Pedrera.

Where to find all these activities?

On this map you can find all the previous activities and their location. This way you can organize your weekend in Barcelona in the best possible way!

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